WLAN solutions

We offer our customers customized solutions for WLAN networks. In addition to consulting, planning, installation and operation, we also take care of the perfect preparation of a network. In addition to the customer's requirements, possible sources of interference, constructional and structural conditions as well as already existing frequency usage are taken into account. Planning is carried out independently of manufacturers.

WLAN consulting

With us as your partner, you receive expert advice before installation to clear up any misunderstandings about the requirements and benefits of a WLAN. We always provide manufacturer-neutral and customer-oriented advice.

WLAN planning

WLAN planning is basically a concept for the functionality of wireless LAN in a building or other area. Wireless networks require professional planning to ensure the stable operation of a WLAN. Proper planning of the infrastructure should be done before any setup.

WLAN illumination

In order to successfully implement a WLAN network so that all individual requirements are met, the conditions on site must also be recorded. On-site WLAN coverage provides the data necessary to install a permanently stable wireless connection. In addition to your requirements, we determine all conditions that can negatively affect the WLAN connection such as redundancies, capacity, attenuation, penetration, interference, building and structural conditions, the existing frequency usage, etc.. You will receive comprehensive documentation on this.


In case of irregularities in the WLAN network, we offer you a special WLAN fault analysis with extensive documentation and far-reaching recommendations for fault clearance. We make your WLAN visible.

Your benefits:

  • Years of project experience
  • Experienced and certified Ekahau technicians
  • Competent and manufacturer-independent project consulting
  • Fair project prices
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