Status of your IT security

As part of a security consultation, we analyse the protection status of your company. The status check reveals your obvious security gaps at minimal cost, which are the first to be exploited by attackers. After our check, you will receive a detailed report on whether there is a need for action and we will show you solutions to minimise the identified vulnerabilities in a targeted manner.

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More than just cyber security, BlackFog

Protect the vulnerabilities you don't know exist.  Anti-virus software is an important shield in the fight against cybercrime. But is it enough? Are you really protecting your data sufficiently from unsecured backdoors? BlackFog is the only on-device data privacy and security software that combines data privacy, data protection, data security and cyber security. It adds a crucial layer to your virus protection that is currently only available from BlackFog.

Data stolen or encrypted?

Companies have spent many years developing and implementing various solutions to protect sensitive data. This DLP (Data Loss Prevention) model is still one of the most popular approaches to address the security issues today. Unfortunately, this approach is not effective and does not adequately protect your IT systems.

ADX (Anti Data Exfiltration) as a new approach does not focus on perimeter defence but monitors the data leaving your endpoints - all endpoints from staionary to mobile. ADX uses behavioural analysis, detects anomalies and stops cyber attacks such as ransomware in real time. BlackFog is the only IT security software that uses ADX!


Protection for networks or individual devices

We live in a digital world where nothing works without the internet. Cyber criminals have also recognised this, so that the number of targeted attacks on corporate networks is increasing. This is where commercially available routers reach their limits, as these devices lack the artificial intelligence of a UTM firewall. This intelligence looks in the data stream to see if there is an attack and then blocks it immediately.
The use of our UTM solutions offers this added value:

Your security increases when the attack surface is reduced. This idea shapes our "Unified Security" concept, in which complementary measures from Secure DNS to antivirus provide layer upon layer for more security in the network. The heart of secure networks is always a UTM firewall (UTM= Unified Threat Management).
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Data security in the home office

Working styles are changing: office hours and locations are being questioned. The trend towards home offices continues. At the same time, cybercrime is developing rapidly. Today, IT security needs adaptability and constant attention in order to be able to work securely in the home office. The BSI recommends five measures that offer more security for small and medium-sized enterprises in the home office:

  • Set up Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Use multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Use mobile device management (MDM)
  • Make regular updates
  • Request qualified service providers

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